Some random pixel art

Hey guys,

Here's some more random pixel art i've made some weeks ago. Im kinda stuck right now: I really need some inspiration! So suggestions/requests are always welcome!
I hope you enjoy these though, they're one of my favs! :3

Name: The boy who didn't become a hero

Name: Hearts


War of the worlds


This week ive had lots and lots of homework and no time do to anything else actually, but i tried and made something. I based the following pictures on the movie: War of the worlds (wich was a great movie btw), but unlike in the movie, i didnt draw giant
robots but other 'giant' things; Snakes, vampires, insects and a giant flood.

Hope you enjoy them!

Name: War of the worlds: sketch.

Name: War of the worlds: sketch 2.

Name: War of the worlds: Giant Insect.

Name: War of the worlds: Vampires.

Name: War of the worlds: Giant Flood.

Name: War of the worlds: Mutant Snakes.

That's it! No more fiction stuff for the next week/month!


Sad and lonely

Kinda lonely today...

Altough the weather here is great and everyone is happy, im still lonely. Maybe its because my two hamsters started to fight with each other yesterday, and 1 of them got hurt (bleeding), or maybe its because i dont wanna go to school tomorrow.

Anyways, enough reason to make a sad and lonely drawing! Ive made a lonely bussines man standing on the highway; probably lost his job or something...
The second one is a woman in a dress, also very lonely and sad...

Name: Fired bussines man

Name: Emo Lady


Old sketches

Hello again,

I think i should post some of my old computer-art here too. I also have some paperdrawings, but i need to scan those first, wich will take a lot of time (and im too lazy right now :3). So, well here some oldies:

Name: The Grass Ninja

Feel free to react, rate!